SEEDING 2016 (Coulters – Press Wheels – DBS Adaptors)

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Seeding season 2016 is fast approaching…we hope you were all able to relish in some ‘down time’ during the holidays. We have been working hard to make sure that our designs for Coulters, Hydraulic Coulters, Press Wheels and Grain Doors, are still the most robust and innovative on the market.

We have recently updated our design software, and are excited to be able to use the most up to date 3D modelling tools to animate and test our designs for durability and efficiency. Not only do our products look good, they are smart, innovative and robust. Moose Industries Press Wheels, Coulters and Grain doors are ready to serve you this seeding season.

Orders are essential, to ensure timely delivery of your Coulters and Press Wheels. At present, we manufacture to order, in Australia. Your Coulters and Press Wheels can be assembled by Moose Industries, or alternatively, we can flat pack them to be assembled by you, reducing costs to you.

Moose Industries DBS Adaptors are available, to update your DBS axles and save you, the farmer, on down time during seeding 2016. For more information on our DBS Coulter Adaptors, please contact us by your preferred method, during business hours.