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Tailgate Chutes /  Grain Doors

Improve operator safety and control when offloading grain

Tailgate chutes and Grain doors for every application and budget

  • Manual and automatic Grain Doors,
  • Various chute options
  • Stainless steel or aluminum
  • Remote control
  • 250mm Stroke Actuator

Innovative, tough, reliable and easy to install.

The perfect set-up when filling air-seeders, and for general grain carting. Great for providing single door chutes on both truck and trailer.

Our grain doors are available in both manual and automatic versions include remote control doors (with manual override). Remote control allows you stand clear of the filling zone providing a better view of the filling operation and allows you to stand a safe distance from dust and other hazards.

Moose Tailgate Chutes and Grain Doors have an excellent reputation for quality, tolerances and finish.

Manual doors

  • Fitted with spring tensioned handles for safe closing.
  • Provided with rope attachment points

Remote doors

  • Remote operation from approximately 40 feet
  • Manual over-ride switches (in case of flat batteries in remote unit)
  • Rugged sheet metal shielded control boxes


  • Single or double doors (triple doors available on special order)
  • Manual or remote control
  • Rota doors or slide doors
  • Side chute
  • 12 volt only
  • Standard or large openings
  • Custom engineering available
  • Control box actuators and remote controls can be purchased to adapt to existing tailgate doors (including side doors).

More Information

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