Mounting Arms
Mounting Arm

Mounting Arms

Precise and quick control with adjustable down pressure on each individual press wheel.

  • Avoiding making necessary changes to press wheel pressure because it takes too long?
  • Moose Industries adjustable mounting arms provide a quick change of down pressure across the whole section of wheels (instead of adjusting each press wheel spring individually).
  • Simply walk across the back of the machine, and within a few minutes you will have changed the down pressure on each press wheel by simply adjusting a few mounting arms.
  • Make sure your seeding machine set-up is adapted to changing conditions e.g. different soil type or paddock, overnight rain or the soil is drying out etc.
  • An adjustment to down pressure will help optimise seed germination.

Robust engineering, fully adjustable and with hydraulic control option.

  • Adapt Moose rugged heavy-duty press wheels and coulters to any machine.
  • Allows press wheels and coulters to be fitted to any seeder regardless of height.
  • Provides adjustable down pressure on each individual press wheel.
  • Robust parallelogram design.
  • Easy adjust ratchet mechanism or hydraulic control.

With the wide variety of seeders in use across broad acre farming, Moose Industries have developed the perfect solution to allow our press wheels and coulters to be fitted to any machine.

The Moose adjustable mounting arm provides the ability to precisely fit press wheels and coulters and to provide full adjustability.

As well as providing adjustable height, individual wheel pressure can be fine-tuned to suit the seeding application, soil type and conditions.

Hydraulic control option

The ratchet adjust mechanism on each mounting arm can be replaced with a hydraulic cylinder controlled from the cab. This can be done via retrofitting or ordered from the factory.

Hydraulic control provides quick depth adjustment as well as lifting press wheels and coulters out of the way.

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