Wheel and Hub
Wheel and Hub

MI Hubs & Axles

Improve bearing life where things get down and dirty.

The life of coulter or press wheel underneath a seeder being dragged around a dusty or muddy field can get very challenging.

A failed bearing may not be noticed for a while, meanwhile the wheel or coulter isn’t doing its job.

That’s why we developed our specially designed MI Hub and Axel assembly.

In 2017, Moose Industries launched their own hub assembly, the ‘Moose Hub’. The hub was designed to eliminate flaws evident in most commercial hubs today, creating a hub with greater service life, low maintenance, and adapted to farming needs. The ‘Moose Hub’ has a mechanical seal guard, with a multi-lip labyrinth seal housing the sealed bearing unit. No ongoing maintenance is required. The ‘Moose Hub’ is flush on the outside protecting the dust cap to avoid
damage by rocks and other trash. The hub is designed to be completely serviceable, with a replaceable seal and bearing assembly.

Other similar hubs on the market are throw away assemblies, and are not all are available in a HT stud pattern.


  • Rugged long life sealed bearing with a labyrinth seal
  • Recessed bearing within the hub assembly to make sure outer seals are * out of the firing line of passing dirt and other debris
    HT stud pattern
  • Fully serviceable parts (if you ever need to)
  • Designed to fit to a wide range of existing coulter disc and wheel assemblies

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