Hydraulic Coulters
Hydraulic Coulters

Hydraulic Coulters:

“Hydraulic Coulter control, provides adjustable downforce pressure and quick lifting”

Moose Hydraulic Coulters raise and lower ‘on the go’ to avoid rocky areas while seeding. Adjustable downforce can be achieved through  different methods, such as a manual setting on the bar itself,  or by full ‘in-cab’ control.

Hydraulic Coulters can either be operated via:

  1. Pluming into existing hydraulic tine circuit
  2. Independent hydraulic circuit (Manifold) with a manual pressure setting + raise/lower on the bar
  3. Full in-cab control

Fitting Coulters:

Generally, you are able to fit Moose Hydraulic Coulters yourself. We provide an assembly guide, this includes a layout that explains where the mounting bars fit and where each coulter will fit as well as how to plum the hydraulics and get them operational.

More Information

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