Heavy Duty Single Press Wheel

Heavy Duty Press Wheel

Moose Press Wheels are the toughest in their class and deliver maximum seeding performance.


Increase seed-soil contact
Maximise moisture retention
Increase local soil compaction, which restricts insect movement and consequent damage to seeds and seedlings
Reduce emergence depth by decreasing the distance between the seed and the soil surface
Improve uniformity of soil coverage across the width of a planting machine
Close the seed furrow to prevent surface light penetration, reducing the risk of premature sub surface leaf emergence
Concentrate rain into the seed furrow
Promoting faster secondary root development

Moose Industries’ Heavy-Duty Press Wheels deliver improved growing performance and in-field reliability. A variety of tyre wheel profiles are available to suit your specific application and soil conditions to ensure best results.

Moose Industries have been innovating & designing press wheels for more than 15 years. UNISA have sent the Heavy Duty Single Press wheel to the Middle East and to Algeria as part of a program that assists in better farming practices in these regions. The Heavy Duty Press Wheel’s innovation has been researched for over a decade, enabling us to produce a product that is, durable, effective, reliable and first in its class.


  • Vertical pivot is directly in lie with
    knife point/ tyne
  • Spring tension seed boot, with
    adjustable pressure settings
  • Press wheel and seed boot are
    completely independent of tyne
  • Precise and consistent seed depth
    Seed depth adjustment
  • Various seed boot options
  • Adjustable down pressure
  • Adjustable vertical pivot stops–
    assembly can be locked (no
    sideways pivot) or can be set to
    suit individual requirements
  • Can be mounted to the left or right
    hand side of the tyne
  • Utilises existing machinery


  • Scrapers – keep the wheels mud-free
  • Range of wheels, tyres and rims available to suit every application
  • Extension arms to provide staggered layouts for narrow spacings
  • A range of mounting arms to suit fitting to a wide range of seeders.

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