Heavy Duty Single Press Wheel

Heavy Duty Press Wheel

Moose Press Wheels are the toughest in their class and deliver maximum seeding performance.

Get more effective seed soil contact, maximise moisture retention, reduce clogging and improve seed germination.

Moose Industries’ Heavy-Duty Press Wheels deliver improved growing performance and in-field reliability.

A variety of tyre wheel profiles are available to suit your specific application and soil conditions to ensure best results.

Moose Industries have been innovating & designing press wheels for more than 15 years. Our latest design of Press Wheel is by far the most impressive we have manufactured. UNISA have sent this Press wheel to the Middle East and to Algeria as part of a program that assists in better farming practises in these regions. The Heavy-Duty Press Wheel’s innovation has been researched for over a decade, enabling us to produce a product that is, durable, effective, reliable and first in its class.


  • Independent wheels provide accuracy and consistent down pressure
  • Adjustable pressure on each individual wheel – achieve the perfect set-up.
  • Hard wearing nylon bushed pivots – no greasing required
  • Stainless steel pivot points
  • Axles and wheels can be changed in the field
  • Compact and easy to fit
  • Lockout pins to quickly and easily pin each wheel out of the way if not required or for transport.


  • Scrapers – keep the wheels mud-free
  • Range of wheels, tyres and rims available to suit every application
  • Extension arms to provide staggered layouts for narrow spacings
  • A range of mounting arms to suit fitting to a wide range of seeders.


More Information

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