Hydraulic Coulters


Moose Coulters are easily fitted to existing seeding bars.

Coulter – Single / Double

  • Hydraulic or spring loaded.
  • Save on time and diesel expense
  • Improve soil structure
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Reduce soil compaction

Moose coulters are designed to be fitted to new or existing machinery improving their ability to seed untilled paddocks by cutting through crop residue. Cutting-up the residue dramatically reduces clogging of tines allowing far easier seeding of uncultivated land.

Coulters are extremely effective at cutting through vine weeds, and mat type weeds as well as crop residue/stubble.

Coulter Features:

  • Tough, rugged construction to provide robust performance and longevity.
  • Adjustable down pressure by increasing spring pressure, via an adjustment nut.
  • Coulter arms can be lifted and pinned up, clear of the ground for excessive rocky areas or low ground clearance in transport, or when not required i.e. when there is little or no trash to cut through, and blockages won’t be an issue (saves wear and tear).
  • Variable height mounting kit to suit machines with mounting bars of varying height.
  • Adjustable cutting depth.
  • Variable tine row spacing.
  • In field axle replacement.
  • Customizable disc spacing’s set to customer specifications (on double coulters only).
  • Single coulters are primarily used in problem areas ie around wing pivots & castor wheels, or where double coulter assemblies cannot be fitted.
    All assemblies include mounting gear (plate, U-bolts etc.)

Coulter specifications:

  • Weight – Double – Complete assembly 55kg
  • Weight – Single – Complete assembly 45kg
  • Minimum under-frame clearance from ground to mounting bar (With 18” disc, and cutting depth of 50mm) Approximately 550mm
  • Fasteners – to attach clamp plate to mounting bar 2 x M16 U-bolts
  • Fasteners – to attach coulter to clamp plate 2 x M16 U-bolts
  • Mounting bar size (Generally) 100mm x 100mm RHS
  • Colour – Black

Coulter options:

  • Various disc styles are available to suit individual needs, ranging from flat, to scalloped, to fluted and wavy. For more specific information, please see our coulter disc information sheet.
  • Fitting service available via our distributors.
  • Moose Industries is always looking for customer feedback for product improvements. If you have a particular don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.

More Information

Please fill out the ‘Coulter’ enquiry form on our product page for more information.



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