Moose Industries grain doors now with remotip integration option

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‘Moose Industries’ Tailgate Doors are built tough to withstand the harshest of conditions.

We use an “LA14” actuator which has a Metal body and Stainless Rod (foregoing) LA12 which has a Plastic Body and Rod. The LA14 actuator is a quality, tough actuator, with a high IP degree and aluminum housing. This makes the LA14 actuator ideal for use in harsh and demanding environments. Customers can still choose to use the LA12 actuator to reduce cost, it’s totally up to the consumer.

We use stainless steel in the manufacturing of our Grain Doors to significantly prolong the life of the Grain Door. All of our manual Tailgate Doors are designed to allow an easy upgrade to remote control at any time and are available in Aluminum or Stainless. Overall, our tailgate doors are hard wearing and long lasting and certainly prove to be more cost-effective over time.

Moose Industries have partnered with ‘Remotip’, to offer our customers the option to integrate the ‘Remote Tipper Control’ system with their ‘Moose Industries’ Grain Door.

The system is relatively easy to use. A control box is mounted behind the truck’s cabin.
It taps into the truck’s air lines to raise or lower the tipper hydraulics through a handheld remote control device. The remote control eliminates the need for the driver to keep the truck door open and keep returning to the cabin to operate the trailer hydraulics. The ‘Remotip’ is suitable for single trailer and B-double trucks and can also incorporate other functions onto the same handset like engine and actuator control.

‘Remotip’ Features Include:
• Install anywhere on the truck
• Connect air and power and it’s ready to use
• Uses industry leading Lodar remote controls
• Choice of 3 easy to use remote handsets
• Safety Solenoid stops any movement instantly when activated
• Suitable for all trailer configurations using hydraulic PTO
• Optional inline air filter available
• Over 60 meter (200 feet) range
• Can be used in conjunction with existing PTO controls or as a standalone system
• All components housed in an IP 66 weatherproof enclosure
• Two-year warranty

Moose Industries are excited to be working with ‘Remotip’ to supply the best and toughest Tailgate Doors and Remote Controlled Systems for trucks working in Australia’s harsh conditions.

To find out more visit ‘Remotip’