VISION: “Guaranteeing That Farmers Can Thrive Into The Future by Giving Them Back Ultimate Control”

Moose Industries design, develop and manufacture quality, robust Agricultural Machinery and Componentry. In times of increasing variables and unpredictable environmental conditions, Moose machinery is designed with the future in mind. Moose Ag products can be configured to suit existing practices, and re-purposed to suit future farming practices when necessary. Moose Industries vision is to give the farmer a higher level of control in regards to optimising machinery features to suit individual farming needs. This enables farming enterprises to make agile decisions when dealing with seasonal, financial and environmental variables, and therefore assist in increasing yields and profit.


 Moose Industries use the latest 3D design software and have invested in CNC machinery to advance their manufacturing capabilities. 

All Moose products are designed and made in Australia

Like their fore-father and pioneer, John Stokes Bagshaw, the company’s founders are committed to designing and manufacturing products that not only offer problem solving solutions, but in many instances have value-adding capabilities. Environmental sustainability and the security of broad acre farming and food production is what drives the company forward. The natural progression and evolution of the company aligns with the constant variations to the environment, economy and farming methods.


Moose Industries believes in smart, industrial design’s for agile and efficient manufacturing. They innovate  products that are strong, effective and that produce aesthetically pleasing results – they believe in value adding through innovation, to enhance the brand value of their clients.

We Manufacture Clay Delvers, Coulters, Press Wheels, Tree Seeders, Tailgate Doors. For more products see our “Product’ page