Moose Clay Delvers

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Moose Industries design, develop and manufacture quality, robust Agricultural Machinery and Componentry. In times of increasing variables and unpredictable environmental conditions, Moose machinery is designed with the future in mind.

Our vision is to give the farmer a higher level of control in regards to optimising machinery features to suit individual farming needs. This enables farming enterprises to make agile decisions when dealing with seasonal, financial and environmental variables, and therefore assist in increasing yields and profit

“Our aim is to provide quality and strength at a realistic price, which in the long term, proves to be the best value for money over the life of that particular product”


Clay Delver

Quality Delvers that support Sustainability:

Moose Industries new Clay Delver has been 3 years in the making. Extensive researched and a meticulous 3D design process has lead to the creation of a Clay Delver that provides desired results, while value adding to farming enterprises due to its strength, efficiency and increased lifespan. At Moose Industries, we are mindful of sustainability. We design and manufacture products that provide increased longevity, with the intention to reduce landfill and to also help increase the sustainability of farm land for future generations. Farmers and corporate organisations can be confident that Moose Clay Delvers can be hired out (to increase value of the machine and increase revenue) and be returned in excellent condition for many years. Moose Clay delvers will be an asset to any farming enterprise or corporate organisation.

To access research articles on Clay Delving and Clay spreading, head to our ‘Resources’ page.

“Moose Industries Delvers are heavy duty and built to last, like the 14 year old delver that is still in it’s original condition and working hard around Esperance in WA”

Moose Clay Delver Standard Features:

  • All Moose Delvers are available from 1 up to 9 tines, with a standard BISALLOY 150mm flat delving plate attached.
  • Models include the ‘Standard Delver’, ‘Drawbar Pitch Delver’ and the popular ‘Tail Pitch’ Delver
  • Moose use a high quality hydraulic system to raise & lower tines.
  • Moose delvers come with heavy duty axles & hubs and high load capacity tyres & rims
  • Designed & Manufactured in Australia

“All Moose Delvers are Designed with longevity in mind. Each Delver is built to be heavy duty to increase the life span and value of the product”.

Clay Delver Information:

  • Moose delvers are open framed for viewing through the drawbar section. The user is able to view the depth indicators and the soil riding up through the delving tines.

  • Leading ripping tines break the ground to create a cavity behind it, which helps the clay to flow to the top resulting in more clay coming to the surface.

  • Tines can be inserted from the top of the tine slides by using frontend loader or forklift. More traditionally the tines can also be drawn back up from the bottom of the tine slide.

  • The tine slides have a tapered top section with wedge plate, so once the clay has risen it busts, pushing the clay to left and right off of the delving tine.

  • Tail pitch delvers give the user a lot more angle adjustment through range of movement, so no matter what depth you are delving at, you will be able to achieve the optimum tine angle.

  • Drawbar pitch delvers allow a certain amount of adjustment, but this is limited in comparison with the tail pitch delver.

  • Standard delvers have a fixed tine angle. When delving at a shallower depth (400-500mm) the tine will be more vertical. The deeper the user goes (800-1200mm) the tine will shift closer to a 45 degree angle.

Quality / Heavy Duty Design & Construction with Hydraulic Depth Adjustment make ‘Moose’ Delvers No.1 & an Important Farm Implement for Improving Soils and Yields“.


Clay Delving Result